The Mind Control Diaries

I suppose I am only publishing to present pause to using All this on whole cost across the board. A jaded, just one monitor, established-in-means male is not any better than a snide, manipulative, deceitful lady. I am planning to depart everyone with this particular poem from Kahlil Gibran:

We as two genders have to decide just what it is actually we want. I feel the only “matches all girls” pondering is (and only for the reason that I have still to meet any girl absent this mindset) that Women of all ages undergo at significant is the whole “I would like to obtain my cake and consume it far too”

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(she’s ex armed service btw) but I haven’t found her in decades And that i desire the exact same to my sisters wherever at any time They can be.

I’d relatively perform four hrs every day, reside in affordable one bedroom apartment, hold out with mates when enjoying video games and ingesting beer, and, Once i need to fuck, just do it with a Real Doll. This Way of living is… much easier. And simple is nice.

You may’t go into a car or truck wreck for those who aren’t in an auto. You cannot suffer the negative effects of your ninety% If you don't enter an LTR with them.

A single major arm of the trendy mind control agenda is psychiatry, which aims to determine all folks by their Problems, in contrast to their human prospective. This was foreshadowed in guides for example Brave New Earth

Today, We've entered a perilous stage where by mind control has taken with a physical, scientific dimension that threatens to become a long lasting condition if we don't come to be aware of the resources in the disposal in the technocratic dictatorship unfolding over a all over the world scale.

I just Consider we live in a toxic environment below in America. Its all about revenue and greed. Folks are having depressed around it (We've got the best depression on the globe) Its our technique that is resulting in it. And sadly, any one that rejects this or resists is just identified as a loser.

Gals are born, a girl is simply a woman who can conceive kids. There's no problem, mental, spiritual or normally that distinguishes a girl from a girl, nothing at all besides age would make this difference.

Absolutely. The truth is I actually was likely to enter into WHY the primary difference but it was a lengthy submit by now so I left it out. I am in entire agreement but into a degree in case you evaluate these Ladies aspect by facet There's definitely a % of big difference in the region of AWIAW.

For some unfamiliar motive to myself every lady I've encountered only would not comprehend the notion of math in a way of getting and consuming. I don’t get it but it’s 100% real. Absolutely sure I’ve only achieved a couple thousand Ladies and this can't be agent of all of them but frankly you’d think on probability on your own I’d meet up with just one who thinks extra realistically.

When a person gets to be attuned to determining the main “concept,” one particular will see this imprinting in all places. And it's not even to mention subliminal messaging.

Females want Guys who demonstrably exude electrical power click here in a way that makes them feel inferior. When a girl feels inferior to a person, she's drawn to him.

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